Understand the symptoms of endometriosis Endometriosis is invisible, but the signs of his presence in the body are, in most cases, well perceptible, manifesting through the following symptoms: Menstrual cramps Infertility Pain during intercourse, described in the depth of the vagina (deep in the vagina) Changes in the intestine at […]


Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), characterized by the set of sensations that occur about 10 days before the menstrual cycle. According to the Ministry of Health, PMS affects 70% of Brazilian women. Not all women suffer from PMS, who can also appear in different degrees. If the TPM is bothering you and […]

What is Pre Menstrual Syndrome?

Synonyms: human papilloma virus HPV is a virus that affects the skin and mucous membranes and can cause warts or cancer precursor lesions, such as cervical uterine cancer, throat or anus. HPV name is an English acronym for “Human Papilloma Virus” and each type of HPV can cause warts in […]

What is HPV?

The allergy in the baby’s skin is very common because the babies skin is thinner and more sensitive with increased susceptibility to infections by microorganisms. Allergy symptoms in the baby’s skin Allergy symptoms in the baby’s skin can be itchy, red spots or redness rough, wet, dry or scaly with […]

Allergy on baby’s skin

1. Why the baby cries so much? The baby cries because he wants something. The reasons vary: hunger, dirty diaper, heat, cold, uncomfortable position, nuisance, annoyance by noise or light, stress on the movement of adults and so on. Of course, sometimes, fatigue and lack of sleep can make you […]

Newborn: 12 essential care

Smiling mother and baby laying on meadow
Since entering the puberty, women’s development goes through several stages and it is important that all these stages are accompanied by a gynecologist you trust. During follow-up of women’s development, it is essential that there is, at least annually, consultation with a gynecologist and gynecological examinations are made in their […]

The importance of gynecological care