Allergy on baby’s skin

The allergy in the baby’s skin is very common because the babies skin is thinner and more sensitive with increased susceptibility to infections by microorganisms.

Allergy symptoms in the baby’s skin

Allergy symptoms in the baby’s skin can be itchy, red spots or redness rough, wet, dry or scaly with formation or not of small bubbles.

Allergy on baby’s skin, in general, can be caused by contact with:

  • Fabric such as wool clothing, synthetic, nylon or flannel;
  • chemical agents such as talc, shampoo or moisturizer;
  • Sun and hot.

alergiasAllergy on baby’s skin because of the heat can be prickly heat, they occur very red rash on the neck, under the arms, or in the baby diaper region itchy because when you heat the baby’s skin pores clog due to sweat, keeping you from the exit. This is the skin allergy the most common newborn baby.

Allergy on baby’s skin because the diaper is not a true allergy, but an irritation due to ammonia, which is a substance present in urine that harm the baby’s sensitive skin.

How to treat allergies in the baby’s skin

To treat allergies in the baby’s skin, the pediatrician may indicate antihistamine drugs and steroids, as well as ointment for allergy own skin for baby with corticoids and a special skin moisturizer.

What to do in the baby’s skin allergy also includes mainly identify and prevent allergy causing agent. For example, if the allergic reaction occurs due to a specific shampoo or moisturizer, the treatment is especially not to use these products and exchange them for others.

alergia2Allergy on baby’s skin should be treated promptly to avoid complications such as infection of the lesions.