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Soft Heart

Attention moms and dads to be! The SoftHeart by MaBreeze is a new product that will bring you comfort during labor. It’s an affordable baby monitor ADAPTER and should be used in concert by your midwife or provider. It gives moms flexibility and mobility during the entire labor. It is safe to use against your skin because it is made of medical grade silicon and it’s affordable.

This product is not yet available at your hospital, but you can purchase it on under the name SOFTHEART by mabreeze. It comes in packages of two and you should only need one package. This product will replace the messy straps and gel and give you total mobility and control of your labor. Please suggest this product to your midwife or provider.

Pick your colors or mix and match!

Silicone External Fetal Monitor Adaptor



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Dimensions 7 x 6 x 3 cm


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