Newborn: 12 essential care

slide11. Why the baby cries so much?

The baby cries because he wants something. The reasons vary: hunger, dirty diaper, heat, cold, uncomfortable position, nuisance, annoyance by noise or light, stress on the movement of adults and so on. Of course, sometimes, fatigue and lack of sleep can make you lose patience. But remember: this is the only way small expression. If you realize that you are too angry, ask someone for help, try to sit, take a deep breath and calm down. Everything will be fine. Even because, from the four months, the trend is that the small cry less.

2. What can I do to relieve cramps?

Colic is a ghost that inhabits the collective unconscious of mothers, since it can actually make the lives of parents an agonizing both the first weeks of the child’s life. But do not lose your temper. Cramping is normal. They are part of the natural maturation of the digestive system of small. And there is not medicate or to natural products. This can be even dangerous, causing poisoning. The best remedy is breast milk. Heat the belly, tucking the baby and leave it in the fetal position are also measures to help overcome the situation. Now we need to know if colic is even the reason for crying. The confusion is quite common. colic cry is that more intense, which begins and ends suddenly.

3. Can I have water or tea for my baby?

Preferably, no. Breast milk nourishes, moisturizes and soothes, meeting all the child’s needs. When the mother gives tea or water, little stops taking breast milk and eat smaller amounts of protein and calories needed for their development. Not to mention that most teas contain stimulants that leave the fussy baby. If they served with sugar, even worse. The grain can ferment and cause cramps. In addition, there is the risk of nipple confusion, which causes the child to release the mother’s breast without and adopt the bottle.

4. What is the right way to handle it?

It is normal: carrying a newborn gives distress. Even for the mother. After all, hold the lap someone so small and flexible requires great care – but nothing that you do not get the letter in the early days. As the neck muscles are undeveloped, it is necessary and support the head and the baby’s back. The best way to do this is to fit the head in the crook of the elbow and the back of the forearm. Important: Do not make sudden movements and pay attention not to press too much, or hit the top of the child’s head, also called soft spot, since the bones of the skull are not yet fully formed.

5. What is the best time to give the bath?

There is no rule. In general, mothers prefer to give the night to calm the child before sleep, and rely on her husband’s help. But the criterion is personal. It can be at any time. The most important is to check the water temperature with the sensitive part of your arm, or with his fist. If you are warm, put the baby there without fear. No need thermometer. But if you want to use it, see if you mark something between 36 and 37 ° C. Upon entering the water, he cries? Do not blame yourself for that. It is normal that sort of thing happen. Small get scared this time for insecurity. To work around the situation, wrap it in a cloth diaper in the fetal position. This will bring you the comfort and security that both need. Then go dropping the child to gradually get used to it.

6. What position should I put it to sleep?

Belly up, without fussing. The most recent studies show that. Do not worry if the milk back. Your little will reflexes to defend. Still, it’s very important to just throw it after burping. If the child too regurgitates, you can use triangular supports to keep her lying on her side, always with antissufocamento type pillow. In case of reflux, in addition to medical care, try to tilt the cradle of the base as much as you give. Just do not pass 45 degrees.

7. It is normal to poop often in a single day?

At first, the baby evacuates each feeding. As it only feeds on milk, it is absolutely normal that the stools are pasty. In some cases, they may even be liquid at gruminhos. So no need to worry: it is not diarrhea. The color is also quite characteristic: yellow-gold.

8. It’s OK if he many days without pooping?

The newborn can stay up to two days without a bowel movement. This is not common, especially in children breastfed, but it can happen. One tip is to stimulate the baby’s anus with a bandage wrapped around the finger. In general, only superficially touch the region, the small can have to poop. If the problem persists, consult a pediatrician.

9. The baby needs to burp every time mama?

He does not have to burp, but the neck of the ritual is crucial and must be repeated after each feeding. Let the child lying upright belly on his chest and give very subtle pats on the back. It should burp soon. Now, if you do not hear the belching (yes, that’s the name) after 15 minutes, you can throw it without fear. The belching is important because the baby swallows air while sucking milk and need to put it out. Otherwise it will be troubled and to regurgitate.

10. Can I go out for a walk with him?

Yes, provided you follow some basic rules. The first, often overlooked, is to put the child always in own seat for automobile transport. Another: run from indoors and agglomerations, even in their grandfathers. A simple cold can have more serious consequences in a newborn. The cold and wind can also be quite harmful to the baby. Look mainly wrap up his head. But without exaggeration. Heat too hurt.

11. Is he cold? I caprichar in warm clothes?

Excess clothing can cause up to fever or dehydration in infants. Watch for it. The feeling of newborn cold is not much different from yours. Roll it into two covered in a warm spring afternoon would be a wrong decision. If the temperature is 30 ° C, can leave you with a short, thin fabric sleeve shirt.

12. Visits can carry the baby?

Can anything but kiss. Also requires that everyone wash their hands. And splashing people not to go near the small – it is best to appear another day. It is at this stage that the defenses of children, especially against the notorious viruses, are still in development. Another important thing: do not allow riots at home or the laps of pilgrimage. Both you and the baby need reassurance. In fact, the visits must remain in the room and not in the baby’s room. If someone insists on seeing him sleeping in the cradle, only allow one person at a time. The presence of many people can stressing it.